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Penis enlargement may be a tough choice to make for some men, while others can decide in the blink of an eye if they are ready to give it a try or not. However, informing your significant other of this decision is not that simple. There is always the chance that she may not understand or appreciate your choice.

You can find infinite affirmations that the size of a man’s penis is not a concern among women. They will also tell you the crap stories like “size of the boat vs. movement of the ocean”, just to keep people with ordinary sized penis confident about their manhood. What is the truth? Do women get real satisfaction from sex with a man with penis size less than 6.5″ and reasonable girth? I doubt it.my photo

Women just don’t want to talk about the fact that size matters openly as a mans ego is so fragile anyway, especially a man with a small penis. They think it will shatter the confidence of their lover or husband. Deep inside their mind they have a desire to enjoy complete, full feeling sex. Their body language, facial expressions and general attitude towards me suggest the opposite. I still remember the curved down look of my first girl friend as soon as entered her. I immediately knew that she was not happy with the size. She said it is OK having sex with me. She left me in a little more than six months. An interesting side story – I recently hooked this same girl for a night and she really said it feels bigger and fuller. She also wants to reignite our relationship. Tell me oh dear reader, what inference should I draw from her past action and present statement? I look the same, have the same amount of dough… so is it really true “size doesn’t matter”?

I coerced another woman into talking about penis size – it was the only way to open up her mind. I just wanted her to answer how she felt having a 9″, 7″ and less than 6″ penis made her feel. This specific question gave me the answer – she got orgasms while with a 9″, and never experienced intercourse orgasm with 6″ – she had to be supplemented with hand and mouth work.

I also came across an article that had testimonials from many women who could speak anonymously. Few women said in their testimonials that size didn’t matter to them. The essence of all the testimonials can be concentrated to a few simple things. They don’t like to admit they care about size to their partner. The girth of the shaft is the bigger concern for most women than it was length. A big penis gave the women a “fuller” feeling than a medium to small penis did.

Personnel in the medical profession endorse the normal size between 3.5″ to 7″. However my own experience suggest it is not true. After all who wants to a normal (ordinary) thing in his or her life? We all want to be something special.

My success with natural penis enlargement method changed my beliefs. Penis enlargement is an actual natural process that works. I am an example and there are thousands of others. I have tried Penis Pumps and Penis Stretching, apart from having more than enough experience – personal and other – with many different enlargement pills. There were some side effects with most of them, but the risk was not as high as that of surgery and when I found one that worked, it made it all worth while.